Nicole Vollebregt

Nicole Vollebregt

Nicole Vollebregt

Nicole Vollebregt is a global marketing executive and leader at the intersection of Brand and Purpose; finding solutions that create impact and lasting change.During Nicole’s 23-year career at adidas she launched numerous initiatives across Sustainability, Social Impact, and Diversity and Inclusion. Developing programs such as End Plastic Waste, Breaking Barriers to Sport for Girls, and One Starting Line and working with partners such as Parley for the Oceans, the WHO, and the NAACP.  She created the Adi Dassler Fund; led the charge to offer equal bonuses to the participants in the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup; and for her work to create the brand’s first Women’s strategy she was named as one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People.

Under her leadership of global brand marketing the brand launched iconic campaigns like ‘House Party’ and ‘Adidas is All In’ and launched the Newsroom, a network of PR and social media experts located across eight global cities.

Nicole is also a mentor, investor, and advocate for female entrepreneurs.

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